SiziiKumnkani NeeKumnkanikazi / WE ARE KINGS AND QUEENS

SS2020 - Women

SiziiKumnkani NeeKumnkanikazi / WE ARE KINGS AND QUEENS - SS2020
I met Credo Mutwa a couple of months ago, the traditional healer, philosopher and author highlighted something profound in conversations with him. He stated that black people don’t know how important they are. That stuck in my head because in the current space & time, it does cross my mind that we don’t often see our beauty in full justice as we should see it.
The name of this collection is SiziiKumnkani NeeKumnkanikazi, which means we are Kings and Queens. With this collection, I’m trying to showcase how majestic we are & how majestic we’ve been as African people. The aim of this collection is to restore our dignity as the Africa continent & continue the MAXHOSA philosophy of modernising our culture. But now in a broader context of borrowing from other cultures within the continent. Also to showcase on how other cultures can fit into the context of modernising our culture, for us to wear on the daily basis.
So that everywhere we go, we walk with a regal stature.
⁃ Laduma Ngxokolo