AW2020 - Women

MAXHOSA ushers in a new decade by choosing to tap into the original roots of the luxury brand. This collection is a reimagining of all the classic patterns within the 10 years of MAXHOSA.
ZILIMELA also pays homage to the spiritual and cultural practice of uLwaluko, which was the original inspiration to the inception of the brand; “To find knitwear design solutions for Xhosa initiates.”
Isilimela is a signifier of a new season, it also is seen as the beginning month of the year in Xhosa tradition. Various African cultures see this as often the time to plant new seeds on the ground, as it is a very important time in agriculture. Isilimela is a constellation of stars to showcase that a spiritual awakening is upon us.
A variation of fabrics have been showcased with this new collection, such as a mixture of velvet on knitted pieces. MAXHOSA also showcases the ability for a luxury house to have streetwear and leisurewear ability, with the knitted hoodies and velvet sweatpants. Some of the patterns have been evolved by to have 3D formatting, using the Op Art techniques. The brand embraces the digital craft as the future of fashion.
MAXHOSA boldly showcases itself as a sustainable brand, illustrating the handwoven mats, which were made of unused MAXHOSA waste fabrics that cannot be unravelled and de-threaded back into yarn.
In this new decade of MAXHOSA, for the first time, the designer references their own archives as the source of inspiration.

This collection pays homage to:
Makrwalas - SS12 collection.
My Heritage, my Inheritance - AW13 collection.
Buyel’mbo - AW14 collection.
Camagu - AW15 collection.
Mntanom’gquba - SS16 collection.
Apropriyeyshin - SS17 collection.
Evolition of MAXHOSA - AW18 collection.
Culture - SS19 collection.
SiziiKumnkani NeeKumnkanikazi - SS20 collection.
“Izilimela Zilishumi”