A/W19 - Men

AMASIKO NEZITHETHE is MAXHOSA AFRICA’s 2019 Autumn Winter collection. Also known as “customs and traditions”, it shares in how customs with traditions have influenced our dress code as Africans. MAXHOSA connects the continent in sharing an archive of how different tribes in Africa adorned themselves. Seen as a form of cultural preservation it reflects modern African heritage.
Considering that Africa has multiple boundaries, the aim is to unite the continent through modern aesthetic.
The attires have a ceremonial look resembling the embellishments within various African houses. The common thread explored is in the balance between patterns and colours. Introducing patterned collars and detailed embossing. Technically, the collection juxtaposes different cultures from the world. “The MAXHOSA Atelier has pushed the boundaries with what we can create.” MAXHOSA Atelier Creative Director Tina Ngxokolo states how this is has become a bolder and more daring collection, yet with sophistication and class. AMASIKO NEZITHETHE is a modernizing of traditional regalia into the new age.
African parallels are celebrated with this collection.
“For me personally, what fascinates me is that in our country and continent, there are many traditions. There is a unique print I’ve created, which I call “The African Union”. The continent has been deemed as highly divided; I’m trying to unite it through by fashion. I believe that there was communication or major influence between culture. It answers the questions as to how it is that Xhosa bead work patterns are similar to the Masai warriors as well as the Egyptian artifacts.”
– Laduma Ngxokolo